Runes Need Ability Descriptions

Would like descriptions for runes to understand their abilities prior to having to permanently equip it


Like we don’t know what it doing

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absolutely would be useful. I 4 slotted a random dagger to try things out and then dug around in the stats menu to see what they were doing. Not everyone wants to gamble their in game currency and an unremovable slot on their preferred weapon to figure out what a rune will do.

I strongly agree, runes need description, as i had to check online to understand how to use properly one of them, and there is still one i have no idea what it does, as i only hear some weird SFX on the area i did it, and the title of it is not descriptive enough

I co-sign this.

Rare items like gem infusions should be known and unlocked at least after using one.

I want to theorycraft and come up with the perfect build for my character, but for that, I need info.
There should be a list of all runes on the website, and in-game they should have descriptions.