Resources not respawning

Im not sure if its intended but i went around chopping down all the pine trees i could find to level my town, however its been 3 days sense ive done that and most of the trees have not respawned. ive tried just waiting in the inn with my game running to see if it was in game time gated, ive cleared dailies waiting for them to respawn. nothing i can do seems to work i just have 80 percent of the farmable trees as stumps saying the resource has been cleared.


Try to make new realm, maybe it bugged when u made it. You don’t have to make new character, just repeat the plot with overpowered one

The same thing happens to me, in my world tree stumps do not regenerate. It has been many days since I have been able to cut down trees because they do not regenerate.

This is happening to me with Silver Ore Deposits, which is beyond frustrating. Multiple realms and the silver deposits have not respawned in two days real time in some of them. Today it has been about 17 hours and none have respawned.

Why these do not just respawn when you visit a whisper is beyond me. It is like they want to make people wait to improve their gear, which is not a good mechanic.