Resource Refund if Action Interrupted

Hello team, I’ve played about 11 hours now and have lots of feedback to provide, but one of the main things standing out to me right now is UI/UX player feedback and by this I mean how the game communicates to the player that something has happened or that you’re issuing a command it cannot execute.

One of my main pain points while getting accustomed to combat is that enemies stagger me but I do not stagger them. While this seems like a purposeful decision, I do believe it needs some tweaking. If it wants to be kept like that, fine, but there is no feedback to let you know your abilities were canceled and your focus is used up entirely and gone. There needs to be a sound or visual cue to tell the player that happened. I have had many occasions where I keep pressing the ability button combo because I can’t in the hectic combat visualize if the ability has gone off or not. In addition to this, your focus should be refunded to some degree if your move is canceled, OR you need some number of iframes during the initial use of the move so we can at least SEE an animation get canceled.

Likewise, stamina use is so high that I find myself trying to dodge and having no visual whatsoever that my stamina is used and NOT LETTING me dodge. We need more sound cues in general, but in particular these two things need to be implemented because we can’t have this punishing combat with no additional cues to help us without looking specifically at the UI. In particular, stamina is not displayed unless it’s in use and NOT empty.


This extends to the vendors as well. Lots of times that I’ve pressed on an item only for it to just kind of… do nothing? Then I shrug and try something else. Once, this was because I didn’t have enough coin, but it felt like it was just bugged and not working. Once was because I had Buy selected and was interacting with my own equipment (thinking I was in Sell).

I love subtle UI/UX feedback, but this was so subtle I thought it was broken. haha

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the way enemies have super poise and can instantly use their shields they could as well remove stamina from the game

in my mind they did this game with “this should be difficult” in perspective, instead of “this should be fun”

I know there are many ways to develop game design, and maybe they go to an extreme intense and trim down util it is humanly feasible. but enemies in general feel so “immovable”, and I have lost count on how many times I was carpet bombed from off the screen…

And the fun part is that the first boss is great, hit like a truck but have many openings, wish they did it more with some regular mobs that have long combos and bloated health and you eventually roll out and fall to your death

(writing this now remembered of my experience playing Bellow)