Regarding Thomasmahler's question on Twitter, I think "For Honor" is closer

Regarding Thomasmahler’s question on Twitter, I think “For Honor” is closer. Since Twitter has a character limit, I wanted to share some of the mechanics of this game here. Recorded some simple mechanics and combos:

“For Honor” was Ubisoft’s attempt at a 3D fighting game. Although it wasn’t a successful attempt, it had some interesting mechanics. During combat, some interaction with the terrain can occur.

You can “break” the enemy’s defense and then “throw” the enemy in four directions. Enemies who hit a wall will be stunned for a long time. You can also “throw” enemies towards spike traps or cliffs to counter-kill them at a disadvantage.

The impact of some heavy attacks can also knock enemies back, sending them crashing into spikes or falling off cliffs.

“Taijutsu” attacks can also cause them to hit spikes or fall off cliffs. There are a lot of “taijutsu”, usually an attack that does not cause damage (shoulder bump, punch, headbutt, shield bump, kick…), causing impact to the enemy to produce a small stiffness, which usually can Complete a normal attack hit. There are also some “taijutsu” that are slower and can cause direct damage or huge stiffness. Similar to the high-weight push in “Wicked”, it can knock down ordinary enemies. “Taijutsu” usually cannot be blocked or parried, but can be dodged. Only one special character can directly counter “Taijutsu”

In “For Honor”, dodge does not consume stamina, but you still can’t abuse dodge at will, because there are blue attacks that can track dodge.

There are some “enhanced normal attacks”, usually normal attacks will be blocked and deflected (similar to “Wicked” when raising a shield to defend, normal attacks will be deflected), but “enhanced normal attacks” are not only fast, but also will not be blocked by the shield. defense bounce

“For Honor” makes a distinction between the stun caused by parrying. Normal attacks are fast, but being parried will cause a huge stun. Heavy attacks are slow and can be “feinted” to cancel the attack, but being parried will only cause a small stiffness. (“There is a similar distinction in ‘Wicked’. I noticed that after the double-blade monster in the trial version was parried, the stiff time was relatively short, which was not enough to complete the charged heavy attack.”)

Some attacks have different actions when released in the starting hand and released in the combo, and the power released in the combo is more powerful.

Some special attacks have a defense judgment while attacking. When facing the enemy’s attack, you can attack at the same time (the timing is similar to “parry”). Your attack can directly deflect the enemy’s attack and cause damage. (In “Wicked”, it may be possible to make a combat skill rune that has a momentary defense judgment while attacking.)

There are also some simplified move changes in “For Honor”. You can press light attack when the heavy attack is about to start, or switch to “taijutsu” when the heavy attack is about to start. One thing he does well is that these “difficult-looking” attack variations are actually very simple: you just press heavy attack and then press normal attack.

Perhaps these mechanics are not suitable for “Wicked” PVP. But I’m so looking forward to “Wicked” and thinking about it all the time that I don’t want to open any games on my steam

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Although “For Honor” has various terrain interactive kills, such as falling hammers, spikes, cliffs and pools. But many players think this is “dishonorable”. They pursue the fun of sword fighting with other players in 1v1 duels. Only in 4v4 battles to compete for strongholds will people be more willing to use all means