Recipes not working

I found a recipe in a chest, i consumed it by pressing F but then when i go to the cooking pit it does not show.

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Just had this same thing happen. from the chest right when you enter mariners keep.

now i got the rat skewer and still cant cook it.

I’m having the same issue with the Crab Stuffed Mushrooms recipe. The recipe shows under the food recipes screen, but not in the fire pit.

I have the same bug, exactly same recipe (Crab Stuffed Mushrooms recipe) Show up under food recipes but is not craftable

same here, have exactly the same recipe, attached is a link to a youtube video:

Fiels need by developers for Troubleshooting as wished in how to report a bug thread:

Files downloadlink:

SHA256: 810598c512382b89544a218e9e49d8187ff8ce855c470146f451aebd1f47c588 *

not a bug just one ofen is needed :):