Quick and fast is underwhelming

Short ranged weapons like daggers, are really underwhelming.
This is due to the stamina usage for everyattack witch leaves you without enough stamina for defensive manuvres. You can play defensevely but this causes you to lose way to much damage and drags the fights for way to long.
A greatsword right now has an insane range of attack does a freak ton of damage i going for dexterity seems like an increased difficulty.
Plus note, fightning an enemy with a shield becomes really frustrating due to the shield hitbox bouncing your light attack off and leaving you open.

A dexterity character should feel nimble and agile, capable of dancing aroung enemies and doing consistent damage over time. Right now you feeling like a guy with a stick, fightning a heavy armored knight. And what you can do best is hit and run.

How to solve this:
A) Increase stamina regeneration dramatically when you are not going into negative stamina if you are in “light” weight.
B) Decrease stamina consumption for consecutives attacks
C) Decrease stamina consumption for dodging after consecutives attacks