QoL Updates to Sacrament Shop Menus (Building Projects, Challenges, Merchants)

  1. Please utilize some of the UX from Challenges to make working on Building Projects a little quicker/easier. It currently takes an extra button press/click to select a building project in order to contribute resources to it, whereas you can simply push X to Contribute resources in the Challenges menu. Doesn’t seem like there’s a great enough reason atm to warrant hiding it behind a click.

  2. For Challenges/Bounties, it would be AMAZING to be able to move over to the right on the screen and inspect what the rewards actually are instead of simply see their icons. Vice-versa from the point above, it would be great to take a bit of the UX from Building Projects to be able to hover over those reward items as you can hover the resources to contribute with Danos.

Small additional thought related to this idea of UX sync would be to revisit the UI design approach for both of these for greater user familiarity between the interfaces. I believe one currently shows button control labels more broadly for the Building Projects menu mounted in the bottom left of the screen while the other offers contextual button control labels on the right per Challenge.

  1. Lastly, in the spirit of using some QoL elements from Challenges in particular, it would be great to be able to use the X and Y buttons as shortcuts for some of our most common tasks we’d like to do with each of our merchants in Sacrament. One that comes to mind is something like “Repair All Gear” being accessible by a simple X tap with Fillmore rather than having to push into his repair menu and go down and push again to reach repair all (then there may even be a confirmation after that?).

Overall, this feedback comes from noticing after ~12 hours of gameplay that some of my go-to Sacrament crafting and housekeeping tasks have a tiny bit more friction to complete and manage than would feel preferable considering how often and repetitive it is, wanting to go to homebase, sharpen up and repair, upgrade, sell my inventory and head back out into adventuring.

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