Proton / Steam Deck

Hi, first of all I just want to say that the game looks amazing. My current machine runs on Linux, so my question is if wicked will work on proton or do you have plans to support stream deck?


@Mikey-CM Would you happen to know at all? (Also please say if mentioning you isn’t allowed!)


We’re looking into Steam Deck optimization, but can’t promise anything yet!
Stay tuned :slight_smile:


god I wish this comes to life.

As the game is optimized for controller, and Steam Deck is a PC, i am pretty confident it will run just fine on it directly in early access.

If anyone finds nice settings for steam deck please lemme know :slight_smile:

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Hey, anyone tried this on steam deck yet?
I am very curious about the performance.

For me it was pretty jerky, the cutscenes were a slideshow. After the prologue, the game froze and I had to start from the beginning because it didn’t seem to have saved.

Maybe someone found good settings that work.

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Essentially unplayable. I mean, it runs. It stutters a lot and frames drop to single digits (especially in cut scenes). I tried for about an hour. It crashed 3 times (needed to hardboot my Deck to restart). I’m a bit disappointed, as was really looking forward to it! Fingers crossed that a few patches down the line it will run decently enough – can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t eventually.

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I tried GE-Proton9-4 as a compatibility tool and it works fine so far!
Playing @720p

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