Progression pacing

Hi team,

I really love the game from what I’ve played so far.

The complex layout of the world is incredible - I couldn’t have imagined this degree of interconnectivity and level complexity could be implemented in an isometric view.

Lore feels engaging with a nice balance of hidden elements that I feel I need to discover myself versus more explicit story that I can attach to - I want to know what happens next.

Currently, I feel the pace of progression after reaching Sacrament is too slow. Intuitively, after reaching Sacrament and experiencing the story beats, the game seems to be telling me I should go towards Nameless Pass.

Upon arriving in Nameless Pass, I could see it labelled as “dangerous” and I took that as guidance that I should get stronger unless I was specifically looking for an even harder level of challenge (which I was not - I wanted to enter the zone at moderate difficulty).

However, the slow rate of level progression, gear progression and resource progression when doing quests, bounties and challenges in the Shallows, Mariner’s Keep and Orban Glades have had me repeating these areas without any remaining quests.

This feels deflating as instead of continuing the grand adventure, I’m now just grinding for kills and resources to progress the town vendors in the hope of getting stronger for Nameless Pass.

I think I would have a better experience if the progression of experience earned by quests and resources earned by harvesting nodes would more naturally feed into the requirements for Nameless Pass without requiring grinding without specific story or side quests in the first 3 zones.

Great game though - looking forward to everything it has to offer.


Noting that I’m a Soul’s virgin, but an RPG veteran.

Adding to this thread because it’s regarding pacing.

Currently at Lv. 17, beat 3 bosses so far (20+ hours in). I’m putting points into Strength, because beginner items sort of pave the way with strength. Later I started using Dexterity for a bows and arrows with a blade in the other hand.

There are so many other cool items that are dropped, but I never had any interest in building Int or Fth cause none of the early game items used it, now I want to use them. I don’t know a workaround for this, but I’ve been thinking only three skill points is kind of low.

IDK, something seems like it’s gotta show all the weapon types. More skill points, lowering prerequisites, allowing us to reallocate all our skill points.

I just feel like I’m stuck with a short sword with a bow and arrow. Too deep in, can’t turn back now, and it doesn’t feel good to not be able to explore different styles.

In regarding to pacing and itemization is that it keeps me cornered into early game augments yet there are item drops that require Lv20+. So I feel extra stuck.

I definitely agree with allowing us to reallocate our skill points. Even if it costs plague ichor or gold. I reached level 30 without knowing it was the last level we could reach currently, and now I can’t use anything but strength weapons. I need to make a whole new character to just try something new.

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