Problems in the game

So, the game is really great but I have some frustrations:

  • Since the player is maximally dependent on random loot, you have to adjust to this, you can not play the class you like whether it is a warrior, bandit or wizard. Was it so difficult to add a character that resets skills? I do not want and will not pump a new character just because your system was too greedy to give me a certain weapon.
  • Why doesn’t the bandit have a kick to open shieldmakers? Is it so hard to add this feature?
  • Why are there so many resources for crafting? Is this a korean MMO rpg? Make it easier, because what we have now is no good.
  • Why make building upgrades with real time? What’s the purpose of this? This is NOT a mobile game!
  • Why the last boss in the crucible can be humiliated by magic doing 10-15% damage from his health, and having a hammer and playing as a warrior in heavy armor with an attack of about 100, you give him 15-20 damage per blow? Is this some kind of joke?
  • Parrying, it’s a sad thing. So small a window for it that you have to be the best player on the planet to do it, are you serious?

I disagree with the last one. Parrying is supposed to be hard because the advantage it gives you is too great. People who cant parry, just dont parry. Dodge and attack, you still win the fight.
Agree with all your other thoughts, especially the first one.

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the smithy when you reach the city sells you one of each stat dependant weapon without having to upgrade him.

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