Players and enemies can attack through walls/from height

As the title says, it is possible for enemies and the player to hit each other through walls, especially noticeable when you or the enemy has a long weapon such as the claymore or a spear/lance. The screenshot below tries to show that I am striking through the wall, it is a bit difficult to capture as you can imagine (especially in combat) but should be relatively easy to recreate. Sometimes it feels like ranged characters can also shoot through the wall but it’s hard to tell if the wall I was behind was actually supposed to be solid or not.

What I also noticed is that certain enemies can hit the “air” when they are above you but still bonk the floor. No screenshot of this but it happened in the same area as above where there is a bit of a winding staircase to the overlook out over the water. I encountered a big lady with a hammer who somehow got dragged on the dividing wall and was able to strike me while below on the staircase.

Happy to answer questions if needed.

You can see the impact clearer in this screenshot: