Pity the Fool who sold all his Fallen Embers early game

Fallen in love with the game, but alas, the fallen embers fell too soon.

In hindsight, I was a fool to sell all the fallen embers early game simply because they seemed to serve no purpose and I needed coinage.

Perhaps spare a thought for fools like me and give us a hint to save up those fallen embers!

Alternatively/in tandem, one of the vendors could sell fallen embers; that would nicely give extra purpose to all future looting and travels.

The finest of work you are doing. Already an all-time favourite; onwards and upwards!

I just want to plus 1 this. Definitely my fault, definitely early access, but just prior to housing i had like 46 fallen embers stored up.

And then! Housing unlocks. And these things that clearly have flavor text but I have no idea what they are for yet seem like the best path to gaining the silver needed to buy my house, so i sold 2 stacks of them and was almost immediately mortified to learn what they were for minutes after.

Honestly I would either advocate for them to not be sellable, or some other fantasy way to indicate their “you really don’t want to sell these” value.

Early access, easy come easy go, but damned if I literally held onto them for an eternity until i finally caved inches before the finish line.


I did sell mine before getting to the housing part too, there was no hint that the embers were useful.

Since i didn’t have much space in my inventory keeping them was a problem.

But is it that big of an issue? Cuz you can redo the region and you’ll we’ll find a lot of them.

I sold like 39 something, and i did the first and last region once yesterday and i got 23 at the moment so… just open every chest and you’ll get some.

Can also get them in daily quests:

My Advise would be use the first 2 ichors for the inventory than unlock housing and put some chest in.

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I agree with your deterrent on selling them, and thanks for the tips!

My experience on revisiting/farming the first area (shallows and keep), and some of nameless pass, led to me to get a grand total of 5 fallen embers.

Given the desire to attempt the crucible multiple times (and my tendency to die frequently in glorious fashion), I did feel 5 was a low number.

But a few days break and returning to such areas to farm again is still something I look forward to.

Some QoL improvement in this area would be nice, though not at all urgent.

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