Outrageous wishlist after 60h gameplay

Having a lot of fun!
It’s a great game, and even if they don’t make any fundamental changes, it could still become a 10/10 game.
After 60 hours of gameplay and experimenting with various builds, I’ve concluded that weapon and combat encounters feel too similar.
While I appreciate the cool animations and skill effects, including the sound design, the overall experience lacks diversity.

When it comes to enemy attacks, there are two types: those you can parry and those you cannot.(the parry mechanic itself is fun)
And it doesn’t matter which weapon combination you’re wielding, it’s always the best strategy to parry those you can, as it allows you to gain focus and unleash a powerful damaging ability.
I tried blocking, but it’s better to just parry.
I played a whole playthrough with a claymore without using focus once, but I missed out on utility and big damage.


  • dont allow us to parry with every weapon
  • Provide various weapons with unique advantages that players can experiment with

Example list: (these advantages could also be integrated as enchantments or skill trees.)

  • Daggers deal bonus damage when attacking an enemy from behind
  • one-handed axes and maces are effective at damaging shields, allowing them
    to be broken
  • Two-handed axescould have a chance to trigger an execution animation when
    the enemy is on low life, similar to the backstab animation.(not interruptible)
  • Swords deal bonus damage to unarmored (fleshy)enemies.
  • Two-handed maces deal bonus damage to armored enemies.
  • attack with some Two handed weapons are not interruptible
  • and so on…

All of these things could also apply to enemies.

Ranged combat
Another point is that the game is very melee-oriented.
This further exacerbates the issue with combat diversity.


  • Introduce basic attacks for bows/crossbows.
  • Introduce ammunition (arrows, bolts) that can be crafted from materials like wood and feathers.
  • Introduce quivers and bolt bags as offhand options; they could determine how many arrows or bolts you can hold.
  • Make crossbows and bows distinct


  • Bow are light weight,attack fast and can crit
  • Crossbow are heavy, attack slow and can pierce
  • give them a reload (drawback) animation with a movement speed restriction(the same as when you’re using an item)
  • let projectiles fly slow
  • give enemies the ability to actively dodge and block projectiles
  • introduce enemy types that are particularly effective against ranged players.

When I tried to play as a mage, I noticed that I was actually just spamming parry or focus potions the whole time. I think the focus system doesn’t work that well for magic.

wishlist :

  • give staves (not all) a basic free spell and a focus regeneration
  • introduce cast timing,damage numbers and animations that make sense in the context
    of combat pacing, ensuring that magic doesn’t become the easy route.
  • give enemies the ability to actively dodge and block spells

maybe this will fix it :https://twitter.com/thomasmahler/status/1784462047981249003

As we predicted, lots of people would prefer not having to do a bit of melee to then fire off ranged shots. AS A TEST, we’ll soon have the Ranger’s ‘Arrow’ ability cost a bunch of stamina instead of Focus so that true Archer-Classes will become viable. If that works out and people like it, we can do similar things for the Mage.
I would like to have more control over the enchantment system.

You can socket your gems into a window by the enchantress before you enchant an item

The sockets are in the shop(enchantress) not in the item, so before you enchant you have a slight controll over the outcome.

It’s the basic concept of the current PoE league mechanic (Necropolis) or a baby version of it.

The socket system on the item stays the same and it can still become purple or blue.
sockel crafting

Passive Skill Tree

Even if it’s just a small one, it tickles the ARPG spot in my brain when you know what I’m talking about.
What could its purpose?
To further specialize in class fantasy and unlock things that you don’t get anywhere else.

There isn’t much clarification on how all of these work and how player and enemies benfits from them.


  • Clarification if enemies have resistances or armor (and ways to penetrate those).
  • ways to play aliment builds like ignite,bleed
  • more info on how these work

Random wishlist:

  • dual wielding (They don’t need to make it so you can wield just every one-handed weapon with another. They could implement some pre-made sets, similar to how they do with dual daggers)
  • wands
  • unarmed damage scaling
  • claws
  • flails
  • minions
  • Of course more QoL

Please let me know what you think or if you had a similar experience.

I have great respect for the Devs, so if the feedback sounds harsh in any way, then I’m sorry it was not my intention. (English is not my native language.)

Greetings Fundue


I’m likening these ideas


got some really good ideas here :wink:

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i think parrying should be only with every melee weapon (not with bows or staffs), because parrying is a very fundamental mechanic so if melee lacks it no one will use that specific weapon, also parrying with weapon vs shield should have different impact and succeeding with parrying should always allow us to do critical damage.

Skill Tree

i would love to see something like this as well, upgrade with Plague Ichors

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i would love to see something like this as well, upgrade with Plague Ichors

I thought the same thing. :grinning: