Option to disable build number display is needed

The build number consistently displays on the top right side of the screen, which could pose a problem for OLED screens and potentially contribute to burn-in. It’s essential to have an option to disable it.

Yeh, because the rest of the static UI parts in this or any other game don’t cause OLED burn-in…

Well, adding more static elements won’t help OLED burn-in issues, will it?

While it’s true that some static UI elements are necessary, having the option to prevent unnecessary elements like build numbers from contributing to burn-in is definitely preferable.

Introducing more UI options, such as dynamic elements or the ability to enable/disable certain UI components, would be a sensible solution in the long run as well (Which not only helps with OLED concerns but also provides a more immersive experience. After all, I don’t need to be constantly looking at my HP bar).