Optimization on SteamDeck

Is there any plans to support SteamDeck?

They tweeted about it working for the day 1 EA release, and have said they will be working on further optimization in the future. I’m playing on deck and if you tweak the settings a bit you can get a pretty decent 30fps.

When playing on my SteamDeck, the console periodically freezes completely

Just a heads up… that starting area is relatively light, and if that area is getting 30fps, heavier areas will have a noticeable low FPS.

If the whole game was running 30 fps with just the eventual drop it’d be pretty playable. But if in certain areas you have the FPS in the teens, and you need to react quickly to enemy animations, it’s just not a great experience.

The devs did say they are going to optimize the game in general, and include more graphical options.

So my impression is that by the time the game is fully released it will be possible to run the game at lower spec hardware and the steam deck, although it will probably require lowering/disabling some effects/graphics.

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I decided to wait for optimization. I really liked the game.

Yeah by no means is it perfect, but for a day 1 early access it’s pretty impressive. I haven’t run in to any major drops just yet at about 6 hours in, but there are definitely occasional drops.

Looking forward to future updates and optimisation

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I have an older processor and memory, I was getting 34 fps at the beach, but when I was fighting the first boss it was something like 10 fps.

I suspect there’s a processor bottleneck, which is why people with good graphic cards, but older processors are struggling to reach minimum FPS.

There has been an update. There have been reports that it should be playable now.

it got much better. Thank you. but still there are frame drops. I am sure that the work will continue