No 32:9 support

locked aspect ratios???

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I can’t even get full non-UW resolutions on my 32:9. Highest resolution available is 1920x1200.


No 32:9 support? Really? Are we living in the Stone Age??

I’m so dissapointed. Was looking forward to this game. But if you guys can’t live past 16:9 and 21:9, I aint keeping it! This is 2024!

Steam refund. Period.

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I got it working, made a post for it. It worked on my G9, not sure about other monitors!

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Currently we only support these aspect ratios below, but we will be adding more in the future. We hear you guys on the feedback for ultrawide support!

  • 16:9
  • 16:10
  • 21:9
  • 64:27
  • 43:18
  • 12:5

“We hear you guys on the feedback for ultrawide support!”

Thank you looking forward to it

Testing a bit on an AOC 49", the menu doesn’t show the correct resolution but when in windows full screen, changing windows to one res lower and revert back to the original one does the trick

Every update i am looking for the 32:9 support…

Me too. Wondering what is taking them so long.