My weapon has 4 gem slots but I can infuse only 1. Why?

I infused 1 Chipped Ruby to my weapon and 3 slots are still available, I have many gems; Emerald, Sapphire, Spike but I can’t infuse more.

I entered the Infuse menu then chose my weapon but no gems to see.

I noticed the same thing, but I was able to infuse another, just not more “similar” ones. So my thinking is, you can probably only add 1 gem off a specific type.

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I have the same problem

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Im guessing only one element style gems per item - ive been able to add multiple if they stay away from the element style boosts


You can only add one gem of a type that increases damage for example. So you can’t do add basic, cold, fire, and electric.


Oh! I see. Thank you.

dual wild weapons could have two elements =o