Mouse controls needs improvement - current implementation leads to missed attacks and are awkward


The current implementation of the mouse control is a bit confusing. The issue I am facing with:

  • I face an enemy and attack but since the mouse face another direction I attack the wrong way and miss attacks.
  • The mouse looking visible is out of place
  • The mouse should control the direction I am facing so I can have fine-turn controls

The current implementation will only work if the character turns to the direction where the mouse is facing, but currently does not do so, and only do so on attacks. I am fighting the controls currently more then the mobs

Solution for this is: the control should act like having the ALT key pressed constantly at the moment so I can turn with the mouse, without the mouse being visible, please give me possibility to have this control option


I agree with that the mouse should control the direction we are facing 100% and I’ll add that for now it doesn’t seem very precise. Hit direction doesn’t align perfectly with the cursor and it seems inconsistent.

Agreed here as well:

I’d like to suggest the direction the characters faces be linked to the direction the mouse is facing.

Or you could implement an icon and have us click on terrain to move. Holding shift or another key down could make the character face that direction!

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