More Cursed gear modifiers

A lot of the current modifiers seem either too annoying to deal with, or are a non-issue. I would love to see more that offer large trade-offs with some creative twists. Here are some ideas drafted from the Discord:

  • Chance to “fall” when dodging.
  • Chance for parry to stun both parties.
  • On taking a hit, movement speed down, armor up.
  • On taking a hit, disable block/parry, attack speed up.
  • On block, chance for random bomb effect to go off.
  • Weight class +1 (light to normal, normal to heavy, heavy to belly flop) for XY duration on eating.
  • Take damage on missed hit
  • Gain passive HP regen, negate all other forms of healing

I’m sure some of these ideas are actually terrible, but just wanted to share them and see what other ideas people had!

I very much like the idea of cursed modifiers posing more of a gameplay challenge rather than pure stats-based. They feel like a unique/legendary that instead enemies get against you in a way which spices things up and makes cursed gear less of a pure upgrade.

In particular, these are my favorites:

  • Chance for parry to stun both parties.
  • On block, chance for random bomb effect to go off.
  • Take damage on missed hit.
  • Weight class +1.

There’s room for making these items actually have players reconsider how they’ll approach combat. One neat idea I have:

  • All instant healing now becomes healing-over-time.

Healing is no longer a crutch save and you now have to be more careful choosing what you get hit by.

This would be great against status ailment enemies! It would be interesting if it could roll negative or positive amount. Such as “All healing is now healing over time at XY% effectiveness” ranging from maybe 70% up to 120%.

My only gripe with passive regen one is that it could be much stronger than the passive regen one we currently have, and they could still both exist!