Mechanic Idea - Roll to Put out Fire Condition Faster

What’s the first thing most people think to do when their character is on fire?

Stop, drop, and roll.

Logically, it makes sense to us. Rolling would help put out fire, right? But it doesn’t in Wicked. I think the game would benefit greatly from having the fire condition go out faster when you commit stamina to a dodge roll to help put it out. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but that alone creates a cool interaction with that otherwise negative, passive mechanic.



Yes, I think it would be a cool mechanics. Don’t have to put it out completely but at least shorten the burn bar a little.

At the moment, you can jump into water to put it out completely. Which is cool, except there are no water nearby at all time.


Really? I was jumping into water and still was on fire taking ticking burn damage. Do you need to be swimming or simply in the water?

That’s what I do every time I’m on fire, even though I know rolling doesn’t put it out in this game. So, yes I would like this.
As for water, it didn’t work for me either for some reason.


Both water putting out flames, and rolling to shorten the status effect are dope-ass ideas! Roll through puddles to make the timer even shorter!

Cool idea.


I believe fully submerging your character and swimming will remove the debuff, but if you aren’t in a swimming animation, the water isn’t deep enough.

Glad to see I’m not alone in requesting this feature!


the condition debuff is too long too

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Yeah, this is why I thought about this mechanic idea in the first place; the debuff is very long.

Yes. you have to be in the swimming animation to put out the fire.

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NO! It’s not too long, but I love the idea of being able to shorten the conditions. Frozen might need a fire, etc. I think the only one you shouldn’t get to shorten is plague.

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Love the idea. especially with some scorched terrain behind

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Yes, I agree about plague. It’d be interesting to see them implement ways to handle the other debuffs too that feel natural. Immersion is the name of the game, and Wicked is the perfect game for that kind of immersive feature.


I like the suggestion, it is something we see in other games and probably the first reaction many of us have when on fire.

They could also add other systems similar to how Divinity Original Sin 2 handled some of those interactions.

Like when affected with Frost:

  • Stamina drains quicker when swimming.

  • Being next to a fire makes the effect disappear quicker.


  • You electrocute yourself when swimming.
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