Massive Exploit with Teleporting

Since the very beginning of the game you can TELEPORT EVERYWHERE just by holding L3 (or whatever the button you use for teleporting). There are no limit as long as it a place on the map.


Oh, wow this is game breaking exploit/bug.

Needs to be removed asap.

That’s why I wanted to talk with someone on Discord but they sent me here instead…

Noticed this bug when I played as well. Press left analog stick on Xbox-controller and you can teleport anywhere on the map. Bypass locked doors and ladders. Needs to be removed asap!

Yeah. A developer feature accidentally left on.


This is why Architectural testing is great, but yeah looks like an honest mistake.

Expect(developer stuff)->not->toBeUsed()

Yeah this needs to be fixed

Can confirm, pushing down the left stick while in the map will teleport you to that location.