Make a catchy music theme

Most successfull games have a game theme that sticks in your brain. Remember the theme for diablo when the player enter tristam? You should try making something like that when the player enters or teleports to Sacrament.

Then you should have a couple of music themes when the player is explornig and another couple when the player is enter dangerour areas. Especially when he is near a boss fight.

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This game actually has that certain theme that’s stuck in my ear. Especially when you hear the tune in places like your home.

Happy to hear that, but its not what i have experienced and i really hope they do something about its. When i play most of the time i have youtube music under because the ‘music’ in NRFTW feels irrelevant.

Highyly agreed with this topic about the sound track that obviously insufficient in volume and quality. The sound track matters. People often underastimate it.

I really like the music in the game so far, when it shows up. My only real complaint is it feels like it’s almost never around. Would like more of it.

The theme music isn’t obvious which makes soundtrack more sophisticated imo. However, there is a violin melody which is reminiscent to the chords played on the character selection screen.

I 100% agree. There needs to be more music, even subtle ambient music similar to Elden Ring or TOTK is better than no music at all. To me a game with no music is really weird and uncanny.

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I’m guessing they just need more time to compose more music? I hope that’s the case, anyways.

The music in Ori was well done also, so i feel like Moon will get it right here, too.

Yea and i also hope that in the next patch they will solve all the grafics and music problems because apart from the low fps that i am experimenting right now, the music stutters so much that sometimes it becomes frustrating. I want to enjoy the cinematics and the acting and atm this is not the case.