Background music while playing


I wondered if there will be any background music while traversing the areas in Wicked. I loved listening to the music while playing Ori, but I know this is a completely different game. I haven’t played many ARPGs so I’m not sure whether that’s a given or not.

I haven’t watched much of the streams as I don’t want to spoil myself too much of the first area, so my apologies if this was already clear from the streams.


My guess (as I am much like you, not watching streams to not spoil it) is that there will be music of some description. I imagine it’ll be more ambient in the traversing, but maybe switch to more aggressive pieces once combat initiates.


These Devs have fully demonstrated they understand the value and importance of music in moment-to-moment gameplay with Ori 1 and 2.

I wouldn’t worry about it here, though the implementation may be WIP since it’s early access.