Level gain on early access

It seems they tweaked leveling on early access so people wouldn’t level too fast

On nameless path we start getting level 11 gear, and some gear with a lot of stats requirements virtually out of hand, and besides that gear doesn’t scale that much with stats

Even backtracking a lot and redoing the start of the game farming the first boss I barely reached level 9 in 10 hours of playing

besides making everything lvl 21 or higher after finishing the content while people are extremely under leveled

Does anyone have a different theory?

I’m finding I get a lot of experience running around killing n00bs on the beach and in the glades. Even post Patch 4.

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what level are you now?

16 – not that high yet

I got a level 30 and a level 20 now, 40 hours of playtime.

As much I’ve gathered people “finish” early access at level 16 on average, beyond that it’s just a sandbox.

If you take your time and upgrade sacrament (forcing you to repeat farming routes), you’ll finish the game on a much higher level.

This might be on purpose.

AS they said on X, we should expect 10-25 hours playtime max with EA.

The early-access has a large loot pool, but a very “small” area to cover it on, so you’re basically forced to start looting items that are ahead of the curve, as they want you have the chance to experience as many as you can, even if you ironically are still underleveled to try them out. That’s atleast my impression.
I believe this will be much more fleshed out once the game fully releases.


I have 4 toons, each with different weapons/stats, nothing higher than lv 12 currently, mostly been playing around with the different styles of combat.

I’ll dive in more this weekend on furthering my progression, dual blades is really fun.

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