Keyboard and mouse controls changes (highly needed?)

Aside from custom keybinds which is a given:
-I would like to see a way to activate runes directly by pressing a key (like with the alternative scheme, but for wasd too)
-Fixing the aim for projectiles (only works with targeting right now, can’t aim without it)
-A way to select a target by clicking on them
-A way for the wheel to be used for weapons switch instead of target selecting and runes (it does both at the same time currently which is really weird and impractical).

I strongly believe a few changes are needed right now. It’s gatekeeping me from using many builds and stopping me from enjoying/playing the game to it’s full capacity. How has it been for you guys? Any changes you would like to see?

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I very much agree with this, especially clicking on things.
Just let me talk to a vendor or NPC without the jank. You already have autopathing in the game. (Alt Control scheme)

And for the love of god, it’s 2024, why are the controls not remapable?

I love the game, but if Mouse & Keyboard are not getting some basic improvements I will probably not come back to the game in the long run. As it stands a 1/3 of my deaths I attribute to not being able to do what I want/ fumble the control. Flow not setting in after 20 hours of game time is a huge issue in my opinion & which brings me to this forum instead of playing the game

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big + on this, really good ideas

Okay, how about something like this? Alt + number key binds the corresponding rune to your right mouse button. Just pressing/holding the number key casts it straight away.