Issues post Hotfix on Steam Deck

So since the hotfix patch earlier today I am continuing to have issues more frequently. I am playing on Steam Deck.

  • Healing is not taking inputs. I am now having to hit the heal button at least twice to get a heal off.
  • I have been having frequent hard crashes. These used to be limited to cut scenes but now it happens in game play about 10 to 20 minutes apart.
  • Challenges will not easily accept or allow you to turn them in. If you hit A and wait for 15 to 20 seconds it just stalls. I hit A again and it, in rapid succession accepts and abandons the challenge
  • Inventory really needs some love. The inventory management is really odd when it comes to equipping items
  • Item comparison should be more detailed. It would be best to see the items side by side on the screen for all of the perks instead of just armor and poise changes
  • The rune attack have become finicky. I will have over 100 focus and hit it for thrust but it is greyed out. I eat a food that adds 50 focus and I am over 100 focus and it is greyed out. Once in a while I can actual use a focus attack but it is really inconsistent.