Is there a way to reassign the stats?

I would like a way to reset/reassign the points I get when leveling up. The game loot being randomly generated, at some point a weapon is going to drop for which I don’t have the stats.

Is there currently a way of doing this that I have mised?


They will be adding it but said there will be some significant cost to prevent you from switching often.


I don’t like that I’m stuck with a few weapon types and won’t be able to effectively use all other weapons if I level up lets say strength and not int/dex/faith. I especially dislike it if I find a new good weapon and I’m unable to use it effectively.
So I think there should be respec and an idea I have would be that respeccing between strength/dex/int/faith should be either free or really cheap, so that it would be possible to easily transfer points between those stats.

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It likely will not be the case - every souls game is like this; otherwise your choices don’t really matter. In Elden Ring (which is absolutely huge) there are 18 of the item that drops total, and that’s it. Without looking up where things were and playing through the game normally I only found 3.

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I think there should be a way to respec somewhat early-midgame, as by then you’d hopefully get an idea of what playstyle you prefer. Elden Ring like item that is rare is a good idea.

You don’t have much choices though since each and every weapon need to to make a significant investment into the stats for that type… so it just pigeon holes you into using the same weapon type forever.

My “warrior” type made the mistake of focusing on strength, stamina, weight load and some dexterity, so now I can’t use axes and clubs since i have to little faith?!

The way to try different builds is to make a new char and replay the game.

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I think making a new character to experience the game is a good answer, but the world is connective in how you invest I can see why people would be discouraged at the prospect of cutting down another forest of trees to build a city for a different character.

State reassigning gems could be a solution, ie change the Str requirement of a weapon to dex. Devs get to keep their original intent of what a weapon should work with and we lost a gem slot in order to use other weapons.