Intel® Iris Xe Graphics, crazy red blooming

Dont know if this is the cause but im running the game on Intel® Iris Xe Graphics. Red crazy blooming the entire experience. frame rate seems fine (i7 processor and 16gb ram). I cant do anything cuz I cant see beyond the red flood. graphics settings adjusted up down in every combo. I also get this result on lowest graphic setting. thanks.


Same, i hope we can find a fix for it :frowning:


So am I. It’s the problem of the Xe CPU. There may be a long time that the authority can solve this obstacle. It disappoints me a lot. I buy it but I can’t play it.


Same thing is happening to me. Bought the game and can’t even play it for two minutes.


So I saw, that they worked on it and it actually got a little better but the red stains are still there.

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I think there is some shader which unsupport by Intel Xe iris Graphics. Now I use DXVK-2.3.1 to fix it, even if it reduces performance.

Has anybody seen how the game performs on Intel Arc GPUs?

Same trouble here, same integrated GPU.

How do you use DXVK-2.3.1 ?
Does that makes the game playable ?