I lose all gained XP...stuck at 0/1069

I dont know what to say other than repeat the title.

Last night i noticed i was at 0 (zero) out of 1000 +, (1069 i think). The game looked like id just hit Lv.12. The problem was that i knew with 100% certainty that id not “dingged” a level recently but as it was late i turned my PC off for the night.

Today i decided to try & use the “Ingame backup” feature for Realms to see when this issue started but unfortunately even the oldest backup showed “0/1069” (or whatever the higher number was).

At this point i wasn’t too concerned though, as on killing mobs the XP added as per usual, so i continued my playthrough.

The REAL ISSUE became apparent an hour or two later, when i noticed id dropped from 400+ XP/1069 to ZERO again.

I’d better state now that with 100% certainty i am not equipped with an item that has the “Xp Loss on Death or Damage”. There’s not even 1 in my entire inventory, nevermind actually equipped!
Tbh, i’d LOVE that to be the case, as from what i can see im going to have to scrap this character entirely, probably the Realm too just to be safe. Heck, i might even uninstall & reinstall the entire game. Anything to actually get the game progressing properly again.

I looked at the “Bug Reporting” section , but honestly it seems far too complicated a process for me to follow the procedures, so ive posted here in General to see if anyone else has encountered this issue before?

Apologies if this comes across negatively…its just that i am a tad gutted atm as i was enjoying the game immensely

You sure you don’t have an experience loss on death item?

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Make sure that

  1. You do not have any purple items equipped that say you lose experience on death
  2. You do not have any diamonds slotted into your equipment “gain extra xp | lose xp on death”
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Yeah im sure BUT id totally forgotten about a diamond id slotted into my helmet! DOH!!!


Thank you soooo much dude!!!

I totally forgot, i decided to experiment with gems & lobbed a diamond in a helmet. That MUST be it!!!

Wow, though, that seems so much worse than a purple item with “Xp-Loss on Death” affix. I only lost 10 or 15xp on death with one of them equipped earlier on!
This diamond in my helmet has reaped hundreds of xp at a time…totally different ballpark!

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Not sure if i should delete this post as its all on my stupid ass!
Not a bug in the game or anything like it at all… my bad :confused:

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Yeah diamond seems much worse than the affix you get from enchanted gear.

I tried to use it to speed level an alt, and just wasn’t worth it.

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