I was experiencing a crash every 5 minutes of play until I found that the drive where the game is install in, didn’t have a pagination file. You can check this on your computer management advance settings, then I set the pagination file to a minimum of 8GB and maximum of 16GB and that got me playing for 2 hours straight.

Can you explain how to do this? I’m honestly not well versed in computers to understand what you just did.

I’ll try to translate what the author of this topic said. I don’t know if this can help or not and have not used these methods.

How To Manage Virtual Memory (Pagefile)
Press the Win+R keys on your keyboard, enter sysdm.cpl and press Enter, then go to the “Advanced” tab and click the “Options” button in the “Performance” section.

In the window that opens, select the “Advanced” tab, and in the “Virtual Memory” section, click the “Change” button to configure virtual memory.

In order to increase or decrease - manually set the size of the paging file, uncheck “Automatically select the size of the paging file”, check the box “Specify size” and set the required sizes. After this, be sure to click the “Set” button, otherwise the settings will not be applied. After that, apply the settings. The changes take effect after the system is rebooted.

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Did change it, restarted my pc, still the game crashes after booting, and after their patch 3