How to use the bow with k/m

Either I am a complete idiot or it’s a bug but I can’t get the bow to shoot if it’d save my life.
No combination of buttons works, so ehr any tips hints…help?

Bows use focus, the tutorial states this when you equip a bow. Not sure you have the tutorials on or not.

Have to LB and X, Y, B, A the correct attack to use bows.


Yes, I have already created a topic on this bug!
even with the concentration filled when I want to use the bow for the runes, whether by pressing RB or LB, it is the runes of my main weapon which are displayed (daggers for me in this case)

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Ok thanks, but this basically means bows can’t be your main weapon right?

Correct, unless you’re spamming focus pots. Hence why I believe they put bows in OH slot.

Weird design choice by them, but that’s what it seems to be currently.

Side note, you can buy a tier 1 staff from the ‘crafting’ vendor that has the channel rune attached to it. You can either take that rune off that weapon and attach it to a bow, or just use the staff MH.

Channel allows you to sacrifice life for Focus, essentially allowing you to use a bow as your main weapon by sacrificing life, instead of guzzling potions, at the cost of being very janky and time consuming,

You need to have the Bow in your current slot to use LB to access the Rune slot for the bow. If you are using the dual daggers, it is a 2-handed weapon, and therefor you can’t use an OH weapon, the bow, at the same time.

You’ll probably need to swap off of the daggers, before you can swap the bow in for use,

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if that’s it I’ll shoot myself XD

Because in the animation we can clearly see that he drops the daggers to take the bow.

I’ll test this and come back to the forum

It’s complety that, i can use Bow thhis time with a basic sword on main weapons…

Nice, I am still having no success :slight_smile: