High GPU Load (oh my!)

I got curious what my system process/usage was like in No Rest for the Wicked, so I booted the game while keeping task manager open on my second monitor. I was fairly surprised to see 100% GPU usage from the game. It was like this on every preset too. This is a bit concerning, as a game like Elden Ring on max settings (aside from no depth of field & motion blur) effectively has no GPU load for me (just random ticks as things get loaded in).

I’m going to dump my system specs into that one thread later, but I’m a bit concerned with the GPU optimization. I’m using a GTX 1080 founders edition (which is fairly old), but it still handles most modern games like a champ. Seeing this load usage is a bit frightening & may be why I’m experiencing some crashes (need to test further before submitting a bug report).

What’s most puzzling about this is that on the quality preset I have nearly perfect performance in-game. Hardily and stutters after hotfix 5. You’d think I’d have stutters all over the place with this kind of GPU load.

What kind of loads are any of you seeing? Anything like mine?

I’m also at consistent 95-100% with a 4070 lmao. Although 100% GPU isn’t always a bad thing, as long as the temperature is normal. If it’s actually being overloaded, it’ll have high temp + using all vram. The 100% is kind of misleading and it’s basically supposed to be at 100% in most cases, but if you go into performance tab of task manager you’ll see that it probably isn’t using all of the gpu memory

its weird, my cpu is at 40% load while gpu hover around 80% to 100% load. i have 1070 ti and i3 prosessor. im at 80 to 110 fps and in heavy areas 60fps with quality settings

That sounds about right for an i3. you don’t have a lot of cores. i’m using a 5950x (16 cores). it sounds like everyone has the same high gpu load that i am.

GPU’s are supposed to be on almost 100% load, that’s normal. Doesn’t matter if it’s a GTX 960 or a RTX 4090.

I pretty quickly hit thermal throttling on mine. That’s probably the only thing keeping it from going full critical. It’s like this pretty much from the moment i get to the title screen.