Hide Helm Toggle

I suggest adding a toggle for visually hiding our helm. :military_helmet:

I’ve spend some time creating my character’s face and would like the option to see it while playing and not be punished for it. :moyai:


Yes please 100% this. We need transmog, but at least this would help.



Really would love a transmog system so we can look how we want to, but for now I’d be extremely satisfied with just a simple option to hide the headgear.

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Definitely. So many cool items, but I’m stuck wearing plate armor that’s 6 sizes too big because it’s the best stuff I’ve found. T_T

agreed this would be great

For transmog system, so long as we get to see what other players are wearing in a menu or something. x:

I wish they would let me hide my helm. I dont want transmog but i want my screen to not see the helm. I wanna apreciate my character.

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:100: I just wanted to echo all the sentiments about this here!