Have you played a similar game called "hob"?

For playing “noRestForTheWicked” hundreds hours, suddenly the old game “hob” come in my mind today.
they are both action rpg, same angle of view, real 3d map.
I like their design both.

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Plus the verticality, it actually made me want to put Tunic higher up in my to-play list because of what I’ve heard about it and I’m hoping it’s as vertical as both Hob & Wicked

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I’ve had a loooot of fun with Hob !
Tunic is excellent as well.

Omg I never thought I would find Hob enjoyers in the wild, it always felt like one of those hidden games few people played!

And yes, Tunic is fantastic, too!

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Yup. Enjoyed it. Might have to play it again to be honest. Never did get all the achievements.