General first impression after 3 hours


  • Amazing atmosphere and art direction
  • I love the over the top animation and overall juice
  • I like the exploration, I feel comped to discover the world
  • Very good sound design
  • I like the world presentation, for an isometric perspective the level design is so good


  • Durability mechanic
  • Movement - walking to slow, sprinting makes you unintentionally jump of ledges
  • Performance is all over the place, a friend of mine had good results with a 3060TI, 1440p quality settings, I was around 40 fps with a 2060TI in 1080p performance settings and I had almost the same results with a 1660TI but there is a 6gb vram difference between those 2
  • Foraging - bloodborne blood vials PTSD and no cap for cooked food? - feels like a bad cheat
  • Stamina management is slow making the game unresponsive
  • Basic enemies feel very spongy and thus sometimes tedious
  • In large groups - no interesting decisions in fighting them, just draw them out and charge attack
  • Pressing a button 5-6 times for digging, mining, etc feels like a survival game, even in the first Monster Hunter back in 2004 these actions felt quicker and more rewarding

Audio small thing:

  • Sword slash sound is really abrasive and irritating after a while
  • just hold the button to mine/chop wood
  • durability is fine - same as Diablo 2 basically. Maybe it shouldn’t get dmg from falling though.
  • stamina is one of the best thing to pace yourself and punish you. Try any soulslike it will be the same.

I dont want arm pain from gathering, IDK about you but holding key for all the resources when I go on a resource run - not to speak of the pisspoor durability is frustrating at best and cuss words at worst.

I think it’s a tuning thing regarding the stamina, I beat DS1, DS3, Bloodborn,e and Elden Ring, so I tried a few.

And with durability, yeah, exactly it’s like D2 which felt good in 2000 because of the fantasy and immersion aspect, but it feels outdated now in my opinion. I don’t see the fun in it.