GeForce Now availability


It seems that the game is supposed to be playable with GeForce Now.
Any update on when it will be available ?

I bought the game to play it with GFN but I cannot find it in the list.


Availability on GFN usually appears throughout the day.
Most often it happens in the evening. If the game is available, I’ll respond.

Update: The game is available via Geforce Now! Have fun:) :wink:

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It’s available now in the UK. Been having a really good start with it on Ultimate tier so far.

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Yes all good now, it took about 1h

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The only problem is that it seems the publisher doesn’t want it available on tv apps - although they advertised it as available on Nvidia Shield TV.

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Am I the only one with issues using GeForce Now? Like regular crashes or really distorted sound.

I didn’t have any crashes. There are problems with the picture, with stripes in the menu at the top of the screen at 1920x1080, what with other resolutions, I do not know.

But I haven’t noticed any other problems with crashing or sound.
Where are you having problems?

Where? It happens a lot at random places (not that much in the beginning of my playthrough though), I crashed about 20 times already