Geforce Now availability on TV Apps


I was going to try the game on my Nvidia Shield TV but the game didn’t appear in the GFN client. After checking the desktop and android apps - and finding it there - I went to the GFN subreddit and one of the ambassadors said that there are no plans to bring it to TV apps and that’s probably a publisher choice.

Is that right? If so, what’s the reason to make it available on GFN desktop and Android, but not on Android TV?



Yea, I really hope this changes. I love GFN for throwing games up on my TV with a controller and was really excited to play the game this way. Plz make this happen!!

Adding my name to this list.

What’s ironic is in the blog/news post from today, it specifically says it will be available in GeForce Now on Desktop, mobile, browser and Shield TV.

Phrasing would assume it is also available on shield tv but currently does not seem to be the case

And me. Trying to figure out if I should be patient a while longer or request a refund, as I also primarily play on my tv.

Yeah luckily I have a crappy laptop I’ve been playing on in the meantime.

But at 1080p 60fps on a 55” samsung, it doesn’t exactly scream great hah.

Hoping it’s just an oversight and does go to shield tv

I have contacted Private Division too, hoping that changes something.

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I’m hoping it will be added as well,. I can obviously play with GFN on laptop or phone and connect them to TV but this adds needless hurdle wile the GFN TV app works great with other games.

I’m also in the “please allow this game on the TV apps for GeForce NOW” camp! Many people are impacted by this exclusion, which has no meaningful reason we can ascertain.

Same here. Disappointed i can’t use my Shield to play.

I’m also hoping that those restrictions are lifted.

I can play the game in my TV just by pluggin a HDMI cable from my PC or my Phone to my TV but I’d like to do it just using the GFN TV apps so i don’t have to throw around another cable

I hope the devs/publisher (whoever made the decision) realize that by not allowing their game on GFN via TV apps they aren’t preventing anyone to play on TV’s. they are just making it more of an inconvenience forcing us to add a cable.

Wow, this is so disappointing. I can’t really understand why this decision has been taken. I was already buying the game from steam but the impossibility to play on my Shield makes me stay away from the game at the moment. I’m glad I found this post before buying, I really hope things will change asap.

Bonjour à tous,

J’ai acheté ce jeu afin de jouer sur Shield TV, quelle déception de ne pouvoir le faire. C’est bien la première fois que cela arrive, c’est inadmissible. Je n’ai pas d’ordinateur type gamer et GFN me suffit largement. J’ai perdu mon argent et mon temps avec ce problème. Je possède une xbox series x et une ps5, quand il sortira sur ces supports je me souviendrais de ma mésaventure et bien entendu je ne rachèterais pas ce jeu.
Merci Moon Studio, je vais me passer de votre jeu, d’autres éditeurs sont bien plus sérieux en annonçant disponibles sur GFN.
Bravo pour votre early access.
Je voudrais attirer votre attention sur un bug, votre titre ne fonctionne pas sur Shield TV pire il est inexistant.

Moon Studio la Shield TV fait partie de l’écosystème GFN.

Une pensée à ceux dans mon cas.

Also in the camp that would like to play the game using my android tv as it is more convenient for me personally. I hope that this request could be taken into account.

Please make IT happen.
I also prefer playing on my TV via Shield TV.
I really dont want to refund :frowning:

same would love to play it on shield pls

Bonjour à tous ;

Je viens de m’apercevoir que le jeu est disponible sur Shield TV.
J’aimerais remercier tout ceux qui ont partager leur déception face à cette situation et bien entendu l’éditeur qui a écouté les joueurs ou bien résolu tout simplement le problème de non compatibilité avec le système Shield TV.
Dans tous les cas cette mauvaise page est tournée.

Bon jeu à tous.