Game should tell you the zone what levels they are

I am a low level, I just entered Sacrament and i decided to try a bounty. I faced Darak. Now this guy is tough, when i hit him with a single handed sword, i do something like 5 damage and his life goes down reallly slowly. I haven’t manage to kill him also because it would take me more than 10 minutes of fighting to put him down, without even considering the fact that in those 10 minutes the mistakes i can make are close to non because i risk being one shotted.

Now i wonder… is he to high level for me? now if that is the case i think the game should tell me at least the level of the monster i will need to fight in order to make some decisions: should i try fighting him underlevel taking my chances and knowing that i will probably have to fight him for over 10 minutes? or should i actually wait and do other stuff and maybe try to progress with the main story line.

I think the game should tell me the different levels of the different areas i am entering and the bosses or bounties i am trying to fight. I get it that very good players can actually kill bosse under level and under gear but at least people should know before hand.

thank you

was getting my **** kicked in by an enemy, and after killing him I discovered he was a common mob…