Game feels like Diablo 2 v1.0

I say this with both respect, joy and sadness: NRftW currently feels like version 1.0 of Diablo 2.

Why do I say that:

  • pace of the game is highly immersive and exciting, fantastic!
  • quality of life is terrible, just like v1.0 merchants not selling unlimited potions and no respec option

My suggestion would be to have a brainstorm: what made v1.07 and v1.09 so fantastic in D2?

Note: from D2 v1.10 onwards, everything turned into zoom zoom fireworks boom boom, so I would also consider where they “went wrong”. In my view, these are:

  • synergies led to OP specialisation rather than having 2-3 different skills in your toolbox
  • some required enemies also had immunities (eg A3 Council)
  • immunes+specialisation meant the need for ways to give all users a way to progress, which meant overpowered runewords such as Infinity were introduced

Hence my feedback:

  • consider what changed in D2 before after v1.07/v1.09
  • consider the pace of combat you believe is right
  • consider all ways to add QoL without increasing the pace of combat beyond that “right pace”
  • consider all ways to add QoL that improve the out-of-combat pace without breaking immersion

Just like this: