Game Audio is Broken When Using DTSX

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this game supports a 7.1.4 mix on PC, and supports Spatial Audio sound systems, and makes use of the height channels.

There are two formats you can use on PC for playing Spatial Audio games (7.1.4) and properly utilize the height channels. You can use either Dolby Atmos or DTSX (Microsoft Spatial Sound API).

While the game sounds amazing with Atmos, it has some issues when using DTSX. Dialogue and game volume can be all over the place, and sometimes the centre channel will be outright missing, meaning you will miss important dialogue & context. Sometimes sound effects will be set to max volume when they clearly shouldn’t be.

It sounds like there’s something wrong with the overall mix and implementation with the MSS API.

While switching to Dolby Atmos does fix this issue, if the game properly implements with the MSS API, it should have cross support for both formats without issues with the mix in game.

Dolby Atmos generally has higher audio latency & lipsync issues compared to DTSX, so many gamers prefer to use DTSX over Atmos when playing games mastered in 7.1.4.

Wanted to bring this issue up since many most likely aren’t playing on a high end home theatre setups with height speakers, so are unlikely to notice the issue, and it should be fixed.

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I was having the same issue. It was extremely evident on the ship. I didn’t even know people had voiced lines until I switched to Dolby Atmos.

My receiver is the Marantz AV 10. I have a 7.1.8 system, but Windows only ever outputs 4 heights.

I actually recorded all individual channels on an 18-channel input device when I first played the game. I can send you (devs) that audio if you need it!

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