Frequent crashes/shutting off steamdeck

The game is wicked fun, but the game has crashed and shut down my SteamDeck’s screen, forcing me to manually reboot, on three occasions in the past 3 hours. I noticed it’s more likely to happen during cut scenes.
I’m playing on default settings.

I think SteamDeck compatibility will be crucial to this game’s EA success. I hope this issue gets fixed soon. The game is a lot of fun, very interesting, and unique.

The same good game, but crashed during cut scenes
-using the latest hotfix 5
-oled steamdeck 512 gb using default settings of oled

I have noticed that crashes are happening where you change few zones or die few time and game reloads you on Whisper. I also noted that every consecutive reload after death takes few more seconds.

I think there is some memory leak in code and when memory is full game and Steam Deck crashes.

I tried game on Proton 9.0 and Experimental but no difference.

Workaround that I am using at the moment is to move to certain zone, click on whisper and then reboot my Steam Deck. This way I can play in the zone and teleport to Sacrament for a longer period of time.