Framerate worse not better after patch "improvement"

The patch notes for Hotfix #2 indicated framerate improvements.

I’ve seen the exact opposite. Playing fullscreen windowed, instead of sometimes getting 50 FPS (which is what my monitor is set at at the moment - long story) max for certain areas, I now very rarely get above 35-40 FPS. For most areas I previously had 30-40 FPS, rarely down to going to 20-something, but now I often go down to 20-something, at which point the game starts becoming seriously less playable. I was already on “Performance” settings.

I’ve tried turning off everything I can, no change.

I’ve tried going down a resolution from 1920x1080 to 1600x900, which only improves FPS by like, 3 FPS.

Changing between Quality, Balanced and Performance seems to make little difference.

I’d like to try true fullscreen, but I can’t because the game seems to auto-pick a higher Hz rate for my monitor than it can do (probably 144Hz or 165Hz). It also doesn’t auto-reset, even after 20 seconds of no input, so I have to know that pushing the d-pad left or right will switch it to a windowed mode where it’s fine.


2070 super:
before patch 60 fps, with drop 40-45 sometimes, 60° GPU
after - 50-55 fps with drop 40-45, 65°+ GPU

same here too. I noticed more stuttering after the patch.

the sound also constantly disappears for 1-3 seconds, it does not interfere with playing, but it is very annoying

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Same here, went from 100-120 FPS on Quality with a 3070ti to 70-80 FPS