Feedback. Economy & Gameplay problems

Problems with gameplay

  • Unable to take multiple quests directly
  • Bug that makes the quest disappear if you take another one directly from the NPC…

Frustrating Combat

  • Parrying is useless, it doesn’t change your damage, we don’t hit harder, there’s no stab like in Dark Souls.
  • Boss that continue its choreography even though I’m much further away…
  • There is too many enemies.

Economy Problem

The game was really good in its prologue, when you explore, pick up stuff, move forward, and don’t backtrack to farm, it worked very well. If the heart of the game is to do uninteresting missions like this in a loop, chopping trees and killing crabs in areas you’ve already visited and blocking 15 attacks (lol), well, that’s really a shame… Do you really have nothing else to offer us? What’s with this structure?

If your philosophy is to make us do weekly quests like “gather 15 pieces of wood” or other idiocies like that, my god…

From a purely factual point of view, it’s absolutely not interesting to think: "ok, I have to go farm mushrooms, find a campfire, make potions, to eventually try to kill a boss, break my equipment, farm stuff because I don’t have enough money to repair my equipment, farm stuff because I don’t have enough potions to try to kill the boss again…

This kind of thing really creates friction that prevents you from moving forward and it’s extremely frustrating. Super super frustrating. It’s really disappointing. And we absolutely don’t realize this from the prologue to the first boss.

And for me, farming is not a deal-breaker, I like farming, I played Diablo 3, Path of Exile… Already, the fact that you can’t take multiple quests in a row, do everything in a row to get all the rewards directly… That’s really not possible…

Campfires that don’t rest you… No potions like Dark Souls or Elden Ring that you can use endlessly, if of course you have them available…

Every time you die, you lose money, and so you end up with a difference, you’re going to take a risk, and this risk becomes bigger if you die. You’re going to try to kill a boss, the reward is what it is but in my opinion, it’s much lower (gold cost) than everything you’ve endured behind…

It’s more dangerous to go see a boss and die repeatedly than kill it the first time.

The whole economy in the game needs to be reworked.

It’s like Path of Exile, lvl 94, when I die, I lose 10% of my xp, 10% of xp is 5h of gameplay, I uninstall… That’s why I rarely level a character more than 94~95… Because otherwise it’s hell.


So in conclusion, it’s a game that could be good but there’s a lot of work to make it really interesting. If your philosophy is to offer us a very tedious gameplay loop of service games where we’ll farm with quests. Whether we’re in repetition, in accumulation, we have to accumulate resources, and your reward for killing a boss is blood that says “you unlocked inventory slots to go collect more crap”. That’s still what I got as a reward on the first boss…

Well then it’s bad and uninteresting.

I remember when you said “we want to revolutionize A-RPG” well, you have A LOT of work to do… Because right now, it’s a big red flag and a big nope.

Sorry if it’s a bit messy but I think you will have my point.

Summarized version

Gameplay Issues:

  • Unable to take multiple quests simultaneously.
  • Quests disappear if you take another one directly from the NPC.

Combat Frustrations:

  • Parrying has no significant impact.
  • Bosses continue their actions even when the player is far away.
  • Too many enemies in combat encounters.

Economic Problems:

  • Initial gameplay was enjoyable, but it becomes tedious with repetitive tasks like farming resources.
  • The game lacks variety and depth beyond the initial stages.
  • Losing money upon death creates a frustrating cycle of risk and reward.
  • Economy needs a complete overhaul to provide more meaningful rewards and progression.


  • Can’t quit the game. But now I know it (thanks Discord) it’s tab? Should be somewhere when we press ESC.
  • Menus are awful


  • The game has potential but requires significant improvements.
  • Current gameplay loop feels tedious and unrewarding.
  • There’s a gap between the initial promise of revolutionizing ARPGs and the actual gameplay experience.

Overall, there’s a need for substantial changes to make the game more engaging and fulfilling for players.

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Apart from parrying much of your
feedback is down to taste.