Feedback after playing 24 hours. Some Points to optimize the experience

Hello Moon Studios.
As a big fan of the Ori Games (i love them!!!)
and as a being Designer myself, i just have some minor points
to think over.

But first let me tell you, that youve done an amazing job with NRFTW.
Ive played it for 24 hours and i just love the world building, the arcane level
sequences, the characters, the combat, and how vivid and lively the world feels. Everything moves, everything feels impactful. Amazing work on an audiovisuell level. From a desing standpoint i just love it. And with that look, like youve done it with ori, you made a timeless artpiece.

So now for my Feedback Points:

  • Pls add Playstation Button layout
  • Pls add a comparison window for the shops
  • Pls increase the stack size of the recources from 20 to 30
  • Pls add a information pop up notice, that youve reached the end of the story content for the current version of early acess (so that i know, all i can do, ist level up, or explore but dont have the chance to go to the north door or behind some bridges in the east area) at the moment i feel uncertain if ive reached the end of content.
  • Pls increase the dropsize if cutting down a tree for example

so that were the minor points.

For the other points ive have to describe it a little bit more.:

  • for building the city you need ressources, and gathering them as you explore the world is fine, but im now at level 21 and i need clay for some of the projects and clay seems to be a low level ressource, so it never drops anymore if i use my shovel for example. so for now, i dont have the option to finish my city projects. Can you vary the item pool more, even for high level, so that clay is still collectible?

  • the music!!! I love the ori Soundtrack and still hear it almost every week, when i draw or designing in my agency. And the music for the NRFTW is amazing, but outside of sacrament there is almost no music on the overworld. So please consider to add some music in the overworld areas as well.

That is all for now. Thank you again for your work, and greetings to the team.
I really am looking forward to play and explore it more.
Keep it up, but dont overwork yourself to hard.