Feedback about the marketing of the game

Posting this here as it’s related to this game wanting to be both an ARPG and a Soulslike. Now I have NOT played the game, but my feedback is about how you seem to be marketing it anyway.

Would just like you to know I have heard people (not a huge number, but enough to think there’s probly others who share this thinking) who take issue with you calling this an ARPG. Basically for them the slightest deviation from established ARPG game formulae means you are misleading the market when you call your game an ARPG.

Again I have no numbers to say whether this is anything you should spend time on, but maybe you can run a simple poll on one of your social media channels? So that’s all I have for now

Action Role Playing Game seems fiting to me, and Soulsborne games are also ARPGs, but I can see that the public vision of the ARPG gender is something like Diablo and POE, wich they have aspects taken from so I still think is right to call the game an ARPG.

If your comment comes from the fact that there is nothing in the phrase “action role playing game” which bars a soulslike from that classification, then you are of course correct.

But your perception is not the issue here; it is the fact that a portion of the arpg player base (possibly a significant portion) has a very narrow definition of what an “arpg” is.

My point is Moon Studios run the risk of alienating this portion unnecessarily, if they do not more clearly define what they want to achieve. It’s even a valid option to NOT talk about “revolutionizing the genre” as that is like holding up a big target sign for all the naysayers. I’m not saying to fear them; I’m saying you don’t need the distraction of having to run marketing damage control while also developing a groundbreaking game.

Unfortunately there was a statement from Moon Studios that they were “coming for POE and Diablo” and this game is NOTHING like those other than a fixed camera.

This was unfortunate as I think it is a viable, new direction for the too broad term of “Action Role Playing Game”. But anyone coming to this game and expecting something like POE or Diablo will not have their expectations met and that tends to make players unhappy.

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