Stamina based fights = not an aRPG

So this is my review after 7 hours of gameplay.
PersonnalIy, I don’t like soulslike, I see them as resource bar management games rather than action oriented and I find myself looking at the stamina bar more than the fight itself.
I was hoping the hybrid found in this game would be a great compromise and meet me half-way since I love aRPGs.
That’s how the devs sold me this game, Diablo meets Soulslike, alright.

Sadly after more than an hour trying to beat Yorrick I came to realize this is JUST a soulslike with an isometric camera. I feel pretty let down and sad I had to pay 50$CAD for this when I would never have invested more money in a soul like game having known it would have been that way.

This game as no elements of aRPGs like it claim to have. Big let down.

No action; no hacking and slashing and that “feel good” feel about annihilating certain foes. Everything is sweaty, most fights feel dragging, waiting for stamina to come back, or trading offense for dodges.
Same single button combo is spammed over and over and feels too repetitive compared to the lenght of the fight.

No role; people get to pick 3 attributes points per level, which don’t contribute to make you feel stronger, especially since levels are so scarce (I was lvl 3 when I got to Yorrick).
“Class tankiness” defined by gear weight when boss mostly 1-2 shot you anyway feels irrelevant.

So you get the “a” and the “r” out of aRPG right of the bat.
It was painful to try to love this game because I love the artistic direction, the style, and feel of the game, the brilliant camera panning , exploration and jumping puzzles.

Sadly, I cannot recommend nor plan on coming back unless major changes are done on gameplay flow so it becomes more fluid and actually start to look like an actual aRPG.
I’ll keep an eye on updates, but have no desire to play anymore.