Exploding enemies, chests and drops


I don’t know if this is a bug or intented but the enemies that explode and spawn worms sometimes are exploding without animation but suddenly on death resulting in taking damge and/or dying.

Chests and drops sometime disappear from the screen when approaching them but can be seen in distance and today this happened with a chest. I’ve approached this chest and opened it even if it was invisible, I was able to see the drops in it but was unable to put them in my inventory, so I closed the chest menu, this caused a bug in which my character was stuck in the looting animation even after closing the chest menu.

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Exploding thing happend yesterday to me many times

Same for me, I saw few times the animation before explosion and makes sense gives you some time to react, but with no animation and so much dmg from it, most of the time you just die, or remain low hp and you are finished by worms or other surrounding enemies. It doesn’t seem like the game is hard but just unfair in this case.