Equipment in general

Purples being the best armor you can get with some MAJOR downsides makes finding upgrades very hard to do, and feels bad having to throw away good items because of a downside that isn’t usable.

I don’t think downsides on equipment should be a thing at all, outside of some of the clever ones like you do more damage but you hit yourself for a tiny bit too (this is a cool downside with upside) though now that I’m finding the % damage increase and % armor rings the purple rings are useless. the purples just aren’t enough better than blues to make it worth it.

Replacing gems needs to be a thing, gems need to say what they do for each armor slot instead of having to carry them back and forth to the vendor.

Personal chests need to link to crafting so you can use mats from storage.

Purples aren’t the best items you can get. They’re “Plagued” quality, which means they have some really good stuff, but also some downsides.

White/Common: No inherent bonuses, but maximum customization potential.

Blue/Magic: Some inherent bonuses at the expense of limited customization.

Purple/Plagued: Magical items with considerable benefits but with a downside beyond limited customization.

Orange/Legendary: Unique items with unique aspects (attack pattern, runes, properties, etc.) but no customization potential.

That said, I definitely agree with the last two points you listed.

Purples aren’t meant to be the best items, just different.

I usually run all whites (common) because I prefer the bonuses I can get from gems + having 4 runes.

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