Enemies stuck in unreachable places

Some enemies (especially sirens) get stuck in unreachable places like a deep hole, especially sirens when they die by falling they spawn the two smaller sirens in the hole, therefore I can’t kill them nor complete bounties.

Hey thanks for the report. Did you happen to have any screenshots or videos from where you are seeing this occur?

Not from the OP case, but here is one from me:

there is a way to access this structure from the right. is the enemy still unreachable when accessing the structure ?

I forgot to take screenshots and the sirens respawned after I canceled the bounty and accepted it again.
I was at Nameless Place Prison and the medium sized siren was at the edge to the far right of the entrance, I hit it and it fell down and the two smaller sirens spawned from it at the bottom (I fell down and saw them there).

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Not sure from where exactly you mean, but I could not reach him or hit him in anyway - also he seem to be there from the start of entering the map. When I got to this location he was already there.

you can try and take this route to access this area :slight_smile:

This happened to me in the endgame Crucible, an enemy fell down the side of the sewer-ish one with the cage in the middle, and somehow didn’t die, so I got soft-locked and had to throw myself to my death just to get out of the room…

I faced the similar issue in the crucible, enemy teleported behind the exit door. Luckly, it was still possible to hit him through wall.

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