Enemies stuck, boxes/chest removing lost loot, Glitching through doors, Water Channel Key BOSS


Normal Bugs

  • Enemies stuck in invisible walls / doors. They can’t go through and just stay there, waiting.

Bad Bugs

  • When removing boxes/chest with loot inside you lose all the loot.

  • Glitching through doors.(only happened once in the Water Channel Key door :joy:)

Game Breaking Bugs

  • Water Channel Key BOSS not spawning.

x-posting Water Channel Key Boss not spawning one. I have my required 3 files for bug reporting here Missing Mini boss for Water channel key - #2 by lucasz

Hey Lucasz I had no idea there was back saving system at all. Thanks for information.

Can confirm the glitching through Water Channel door. I did, however, get a key mini-boss spawn, I just decided to look around before fighting him.

Was able to get in and out by rolling through the corners.

On hotfix3 I also Crossed the door without the key, just inspecting it.